The majority of M. boeleni in collections have come from wild-caught imports. As past experience has shown, the success rate at keeping these snakes alive is very poor. Several things need to be considered when working with snakes from the wild. From the time of capture until the final destination the snake has under gone tremendous stress. So providing conditions as close to the natural surroundings should be the first priority.

A quarantine room’s ambient temperatures should be stable and easily warmed and cooled. These areas should be free of heavy traffic and/or actions. This area should be kept as clean as possible including air purification if possible. Simple ionic air purifiers work well. Cage placement should be free of drafts or direct currents of air such as air conditioners or forced hot air systems. Keeping the relative humidity high (80%+) and at a constant will aide in keeping the snake hydrated as well as mirroring the natural habitat. Humidifiers using filtered or spring water work well, combined with daily misting. Disinfecting the water bowl and providing fresh water on daily basis will improve husbandry by eliminating one source where bacteria could potentially grow. I highly recommend reverse osmosis filtration on all water sources; especially those who use water from municipal filtration plants. The chemicals added to public water are extremely foreign to these snakes and may cause stress on the liver and kidneys. If filtered water is not an option, using bottled spring water from a reputable source is recommended. Severely dehydrated animals will need to be hydrated with the aide of a qualified veterinarian by giving subcutaneous injections of fluids.

Humidifiers are an excellent choice for keeping ambient humidity levels high.
The use of filtered or spring water is highly recommended.
Photo by Spataro

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Air purifiers are highly recommended to anyone with reptile collections and are another step to reassure that your collection stays healthy and strong.

Water quality is extremely important for all living beings. A filtration system can eliminate many harmful bacteria and chemicals.



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