Welcome to! A website dedicated to providing and communicating as much information about Morelia boeleni as possible. Boelen’s Pythons have a reputation as being difficult to maintain in captivity and I hope to change this by providing the necessary data and techniques to assure success with this species. I also hope that this website will help to develop a much needed relationship between the zoological community and those individuals who are privately working with this species. This relationship will play an important role in the future of captive Morelia boeleni, if and when captive bred populations are established.

Since 1980 ISIS records indicate that 110 legal Morelia boeleni have entered institutions within the United States. Currently there are 34 (18.16) living specimens registered in zoological institutions. At the time of writing (2006) I am aware of 102 (38.64) living specimens located in private ownership within the United States, Canada, and Spain. The combined total is seemingly low compared to other python species.

Morelia boeleni is currently listed as an C.I.T.E.S. appendix II species: protected but not endangered, exportation allowed with legal documents, and is the most protected reptile in Papua New Guinea. With limited captive reproductions and a high mortality rate this snake should be considered a target species in need of a strong captive program. It is possible that what we have in captivity today could very well be all we ever have based on the recent decline of imported animals and the limited exportation quotas granted by the Indonesian Government each year. Throughout New Guinea there is an ever growing human population as well as an abundance of habitat destruction that could possibly effect wild populations in the future.

A registration form can be found on this website for those currently working with Boelen’s Pythons. The information from this form will serve as a data base for all captive Boelen’s Pythons. The compiled data will allow all of those who participate to see how others are managing this species and will also serve the purpose for those who would like to set up breeding loans to expand their current bloodlines. By keeping genetic diversity we are assured that the few living specimens in captivity have a fighting chance for generations to follow.

The information provided on this website has been compiled from those lucky enough to be working with or have worked with this species. Currently no one is an “expert” on Morelia boeleni, very few people have had experience working with large numbers of these animals and only a handful of reproductions have occurred in captivity. This is the very reason this website has been established. I invite all of those interested, worldwide, to please participate in the forums as much as possible and help establish the Boelen’s Python Group, so that a meeting of the minds will further our knowledge, and progress can be made to help unlock the secrets to this amazing animal. Thank you for stopping by!



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