Have you ever wondered what can I do? How can I get involved with a project like the Boelen’s Python Project? Well here are three ways that you can become involved and know that you have contributed to something that has meaning to you personally.

Donating to one of the eleven AZA accredited zoological parks that are working with Morelia boeleni is the first step. Listed below are the addresses to all of the institutions. It is important to write a letter stating exactly what your monetary donation is for; and address it to the current curator of reptiles. Please try and make a significant donation such as $100 or more, collecting from family and friends is an easy way to help raise money for good cause. Most donations are tax-deductible.

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Second become a sponsor of Boelenspythons.com. Your name or business will be displayed on the sponsor page with a link to your current web space; you do not need a website or web space to become a sponsor. Sponsor dues are a minimum of $100.00 US and will be renewed annually. Please make checks payable to boelenspythons.com and mail them to;

Po box 421
Glen Arm, MD 21057

Buy a high quality Boelen’s Python Project t-shirts. These awesome looking shirts are printed on amazing Under Armour light gear t-shirts and come in a variety of colors. The front displays the island of New Guinea with the locals common name for Boelen’s Pythons, “sanca bulan” and on the back is the Boelen’s Python Project logo. Colorful, stylish, and proceeds benefiting a good cause. T-shirts cost $40.00 + shipping we except paypal at marc@fitnology.com.

All proceeds collected by boelenspythons.com will be used towards further field research or donated on an annual basis to one of the eleven institutions mentioned above.

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